Monday, April 30, 2007

[Blog Review] Yet another review on a Couch Kamote blog post (about the Filipino culture)

first, read this article, entitled "(Mis)leading by example":

and then here are my comments:


yes, i really think anywhere in the world - countries, companies, families - it all depends on the leadership. we are all bad (or good) citizens, employees, or children, because we were brought up that way, intentionally or not, directly or indirectly.

so really, we can't do anything about our leaders or our past. let's just make sure that we do not commit the same leadership mistakes when we become politicians or government heads, CEOs or supervisors, and father or mother.

by the way, why the POA? because we were programmed that way. read this:


hmmm, i think this should be in the thoughts blog.

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