Thursday, January 15, 2009

[RAW] I'm a PC

You know those Mac-vs-PC ("I'm a Mac"..."and I'm a PC") ads from Apple?

Well, Microsoft realized they can't beat 'em, so they joined 'em.  Sort of.  Successfully?  I don't think so.  For your curious mind, visit

You can see how innovative Apple (or Steve Jobs) is, compared to...  others.  (Let's not name names now.)  But yeah sure, Microsoft is Marketing King.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

[RAW] [prustrations] Got money to buy?

Visit and watch this 20-minute fact-packed flash movie. :-)

My reaction: So what should we do now? Should I stop working?  Should I stop earning?   Should I stop spending?  Should I stop consuming?  How should I go about life now? Should I let this be a problem of the future generations?  One person can't make a difference. Hell, you'll be on your own, or at most, you and much less than 1% of the human race will be alone if you change now.  But I guess the thing is, let's start change.  Any ideas where can we start?  Here are some.  Feel free to add to it.  Try to at least focus on one thing for this 2009!

Do not buy new stuff!  That includes clothes, shoes, etc.
Recycle always.  Or choose recyclable only!
Do not use plastic cups and straws.
No, you don't really need a new computer, laptop, or iPod, or PSP.
No, you don't really need to travel by air.
Fresh fruits and vegetables require less resources for preparation as food, compared to meat (from animals which need months of feeding/consuming/spending, which contribute to waste, which need to be killed, sliced, etc., and which need lots of boiling/cooking before it gets ready, using up lots of cooking oil and so on).  Go veggie!
Eat at home, or home-prepared food.

I still can't stop eating at McDonald's or Jollibee or other restaurants.  I don't have time to prepare food!
I just bought new clothes, shoes, and gadgets!  From stores where they use plastic bags!  Because if I insisted on using my "environment-friendly" bag, they would consider it as a security hazard!
I'm most likely to travel by air because of work and because of leisure.
It is difficult to change diets.  Although I prefer eating a balanced meal - carbs, veggies, and meat in proportion - it is difficult to take out the meat altogether.

Damn.  So what should I do?  Okay, I won't buy a new gadget this 2009.  My 23 Dec 2008 purchase of a Palm TX will be my last!  Okay...  I'll try not to buy new clothes or shoes this 2009!  Well, maybe I'll buy one shirt.

How about for gifts...

I wonder when unprintable e-cards and e-books will become the norm?

There in lies the big problem that presents.  Society.  And human nature.  Society says you're accepted if you're cool - you're wearing what's hip.  You send out paper greeting cards and give paper books as gifts.  You print out electronic reading materials because it's more difficult to read on-screen and easier to read on paper.  You buy the latest computer because the one you have is so slow and does not have enough storage space - because Microsoft Office 2007 requires more.  But Microsoft can't stop releasing Office 2010 - what about the people who could lose their jobs?  The programmers, the salespersons, etc.  

And human nature dictates that you are a worthy mate if you can provide.  You can provide if you have money to buy stuff either constantly or in huge proportions.  You can travel around the world - so you probably have a lot of money - so you probably can be a good father and husband in the future.

Human nature dictates that you are a worthy mate if you are beautiful.  You are beautiful if you are wearing those trendy fashions.  Not necessarily expensive but...  Hey, how come Birkenstocks aren't as in now as Crocs or Havaianas?  They're not as trendy anymore.  You need to have those new pair of Brand X pants.  It makes you look beautiful - just like those beautiful actresses, celebrities, and models wearing the same Brand X pants.  Of course, some of them get paid to wear those pants.  But if they're beautiful with those spanking new Brand X pants, you could look beautiful too with a new pair of those Brand X pants.  Unfortunately, it's a new year, and there's this new Brand Y pants that the actresses, celebrities, and models are wearing.  And, if you're beautiful, you could find yourself a worthy mate.

So what do we do now?  I wanted to do business - but what business can't have any direct or indirect effect on the environment?  Or on people?  So should I not do business?

The thing is, here we are again - we are simply being called to love our environment, which requires a lot of using our minds; a lot of thinking (because loving involves thinking).  We need to think harder really - what can we do now?  What kind of business or profession I could take up that would not have any unfavorable effect on the earth's resources and on future generations?

Honestly...  I think it would take a very huge, out-of-this-world (something we can't imagine) effort so that we can say the earth is still safe for all of us, that it can provide all of what we need for generations to come.  It is possible.  Maybe just less than 1% possible.  But it is more possible that the undesirable outcome will unfold.  Again, so what do we do now?

I think we are all still in denial.  99.9% of us.  I suggest we all start talking about it at least, and get things that need to be done started one at a time.