Thursday, July 30, 2009

what does your name mean?
Mine traces its roots to the Scottish form of RAGNVALDR, a name introduced to Scotland by Scandinavian settlers and invaders, and became popular outside Scotland during the 20th century. RAGNVALDR is an Old Norse name composed of the elements regin "advice, counsel" and valdr "ruler," thus making it a cognate of REYNOLD.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Write the Future

The future is fiction. In fact, the future is a story that each of us participates in writing every day. It is only when tomorrow transitions to yesterday that will we have the clarity of hindsight; only then, can we know what the future really was. While we cannot predict the future, as designers it is absolutely vital that each of us consider the years to come, so that we are more prepared to prevent, anticipate and cope with that which may occur.

That is why Arup Foresight in association with ICSID has put together a studio to take a look at what life on earth would look like if we decided to follow a trajectory towards “Life @ 1 Planet.”


Through the course of six consecutive weeks participants will be asked to imagine not what will, but rather, what can our world be in 2050 and what would y[our] “Life @ 1 Planet be in 2050?”

While we all know that the future is fiction, this is your chance to pull together your version of the events.
Step one: one Monday 27 July 2009 visit if you decide to participate you can build a team of people (1-3 people) or you can choose to participate by yourself.

Step two: is to follow the directions on the website and develop a character that can live and breathe on your behalf on the journey to Life @ 1 Planet” in 2050.
Each week participants will be issued a new challenge and will need to submit their responses to the Design2050 Challenge website ( ). The project will run approximately from July 27th until the first week of September.

Everyday, only those who choose to participate in writing the story of the future; can decide what y[our] story will tell.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stress Reliever

Turn your speakers on and just move your mouse back and forth--up and down---in circles--just anyway you want to move it.  Here's something so cute it's guaranteed to relieve all your stress..  Move your mouse across the page when you open this program.  Click here: