Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding video using 3 iPhones! #cool #creative

WARNING: A little rage follows.

Why iPhones and why not Androids (which Android?) for this video? As Android fans would say, iPhone users are dumb! Or, iPhone users are usually old people who know nothing about tech. Or iPhone users are just buying them for the status. Or iPhone users buy them because they're sheep who just follow where the shepherd leads them. So yeah, go ahead and switch to Android, folks, to join the group of young, intelligent people. Very, very intelligent people. They're so intelligent, they know that this is cool not because the guy used iPhones, but it's because the guy who made this video is a creative genius. I wonder though, why a creative genius like him would use iPhones for this. But yeah, he's in it for the status. And/or he doesn't know tech. And/or he -- or maybe a she -- is probably somebody's grandma or grandpa. You see (or actually you probably don't see is that), it's all about personal choices. You criticize my personal choice, you are attacking my person. If that to you is smart of you, well, I hope people in power don't think like you or it will be catastrophic for humanity. Oops, sorry, I'm not being smart.

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