Monday, November 10, 2008

Mutts :: October 27, 2008

Mutts daily strip for : October 27, 2008
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[RAW] Free Broadband Wifi Access

Free Broadband Internet Access via Wireless Wifi Hotspots (Routers/Access Points) in the Philippines courtesy of Wigo.

Why Go? Because there's Wigo. Free wifi access at selected locations. Check it out at

[RAW] Peacock in the Land of the Penguins

Visit An inspiring story. More inspiring stories are at

[RAW] Make into

Visit - it's the more popular one these days. Back then, I remember - try that one out also. But there's no signup needed with tinyurl unlike; plus you can bookmark a link from tinyurl, which lets you easily create url shortcuts from tinyurl. Hmmm. I don't know if does that. But also has e-mail forwarding. And you can link to the same website 4 ways:,,, and Use them! :-)

[RAW] Instituto Cervantes

The Spanish equivalent of The British Council, and the German Cultural Institute in Manila is the Instituto Cervantes. They have free movie showings weekly! With English subtitles of course.

Visit for the Instituto Cervantes in Manila website in English. Visit for the website of their annual film festival.

[RAW] Good Times with Mo

[RAW] Free Broadband Internet Access Wireless Wifi Hotspot (Router/Access Point) around Metro Manila, Cebu, Baguio, Davao, Philippines, etc.! Hot

Check it out at:

Actually there are other websites, just make a search on Google.

Sushi served Nyotaimori-style

This may give you an impression that the Japanese are weird. That's because you have a Western/non-Japanese background.

But yeah, in Christian contexts, this is a no-no, as you (usually males) are putting yourself in a situation where you could be tempted, at least to entertain thoughts violating "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife..." or "Thou shalt not commit adultery..."

Anyway, read this article first:

Did you know? The French are predominantly Catholic.

Anyways, it turns out it's somewhere between US$ 100 to 300 to do this, and that's exclusive of something like a mandatory tip of 18% and taxes, and other extras. No, this is legal, and no, you can't touch the "plate." You do have chopsticks. But it would be rude as you are here to eat sushi in a different way.

Of course there are places-a-plenty like this in Japan. Anyway, if you're in New York, check out this out:

Monday, November 3, 2008

[FOG] SUDOKU - Hard!

  • If Sudoku doesn't load properly, please refresh this page (Press F5 or Ctrl+R). If that still doesn't work, your browser/viewer might not be able to load Sudoku for some reason that I cannot tell. Try it from somewhere else! :-D
  • When you refresh this page, the Sudoku game also changes.
  • Sorry, answers are not given. You'll have to figure it out yourself! But if you send me the puzzle, I can have it solved (and even checked if it has multiple solutions).