Monday, September 15, 2008

[RAW] Web access via e-mail

This might be confusing for some of you - Google gets confused itself about this.

When I was searching for a web-to-mail service, all I got from Google was links to mail-to-web services such as, well,, and Gmail, etc.

Somehow, somewhere, maybe through Google also, I was able to find It's a relatively new service and in fact, the same website didn't used-to-offer the service; it was providing other services. Nonetheless, I could now shout:


At the office, I am not able to access the web because management saw other people opening up their Yahoo! mail during office hours. Well, you still can't check your Yahoo! mail through this service, but you can get other (static) web pages which contain much needed (or much wanted) information!

Downside? It only downloads the HTML (the text); it doesn't download images. I hope they upgrade this soon.

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