Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is there going to be a typhoon in the Philippines?

To find out, I visit  It is a website created and maintained by Mike Padua, called "Mr. Typhoon" by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and his fellow Naga folk.  He funds his own research work including this website to track typhoons (or the proper term is tropical cyclones) that could affect the Philippines.  He uses his own weather-measuring gadgets and so on.  One time he forecasted that there would be a typhoon that would hit Naga and so he called up a local radio station to make the announcement.  PAGASA heard of this and quickly denounced his proclamations.  (Because of pride?)  Guess what happened.  Since then, he has been the resource person when it comes to predicting the occurrence of typhoons in Naga and in the whole Philippines.  Since then, he was even able to predict one typhoon would take a u-turn, and it surely did.  Visit the website and help support his cause by clicking the advertisements there.

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