Monday, April 11, 2011

LiveKive - Yet Another Cloud Sync App

YACSA! (Yet Another Cloud Sync App! - in the spirit of YAGMA and YAPSA, on group messaging ala Kik and photo sharing ala Instagram apps, respectively, and the like) This time by well-known anti-virus software maker, AVG, with a product called LiveKive. They offer 5Gb for free accounts, and US$ 80 monthly for unlimited storage subject to Fair Use policies.

Is it a better service than Dropbox or other cloud-sync (or the pre-2010 term would be "online backup") services?

Right now I already am using a 4.75Gb free account at Dropbox, raised from the default 2Gb by coercing friends and colleagues to use Dropbox also, and a 10Gb free account from CX (Cloud Experience) which at this point feels a little sluggish. I don't know if I need to try LiveKive out but if someone with Dropbox experience can tell me LiveKive is better then I'm jumping ship. Or better yet, I can of course "sail in two rivers" (or "mamangka sa dalawang ilog" in Tagalog) by using all of these free cloud sync services. There's also one by Microsoft, and there's also ADrive (but with a fee for desktop sync), and Insync,, and SugarSync, and you can also use your Gmail for storage, and... the list goes on.

Which service/s are you using? Which service have you ditched in favor of better ones?

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