Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Online "TV"

I know you guys have heard of Vimeo. Unlike YouTube which is all about You on the Tube, this is all about Me and Videos. Hence Vimeo.

But have you heard of Mevio? Sounds very familiar, don't it? Anyways, it is very different from Vimeo. From the spelling to what it's about - it's actually a website dedicated to "broadcasting" its own produced "TV" shows and podcasts on the internet. Very much like, While TWiT is basically all about technology, Mevio has all sorts of content.

I've also told you about Frequency, but there's also FrequencyTV which is itself more like Mevio. For all these three "online TV" services, they stream 24/7. Then lastly, there's which is basically just a production house for a number of shows on various topics; they do not have live streaming.

For Filipinos around the world, there's Mo Twister's The Battle Axe Network which is a similar concept to the first three "international" services mentioned earlier, although still probably just 99% of the way there.

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