Thursday, March 15, 2012

Need to relax? Or can't remember that zen spa / massage parlor music?

Of course, you can always default to Kenny Gorlick (a.k.a. Kenny G) music, but come on. Check out these "tunes" instead.

Tune #1. Coming from the tropics, this is my fave.

Tune #2. Piano played this way is always soothing. Oh but there's some brass in there, too.

Tune #3. The ultimate sleep music. You can actually combine this with #1 or #2.

Tune #4. Binaural beats. Heard of them? It's worth to read about them. Be careful of therapeutic claims though; they're not entirely scientifically proven just yet.

Tune #5. This next one's not really for me, but hey, if you on the other hand are into listening to and watching two Asian divas sing and even rap in a language that you cannot understand at all, this might work for you, too.

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