Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Dropbox, errr Drive, is here!

It's actually more like SugarSync or iCloud in that it offers 5Gb free on the onset. Like Dropbox, SugarSync, and oh, yeah Microsoft SkyDrive (that Microsoft says is the best out of all these services), basically you can access all your files from practically all your devices, including through the web (i.e. on someone else's device or computer), and share any one or all of them with anybody you want to share them with. Hoe-lee moe-lee, SkyDrive probably is really the best, what with 7Gb free on the onset! Anyways, unlike the others though, Google Drive has Google Docs built-in. Essentially, if you sign-up for a Google Drive account, Google Docs forwards to Google Drive. You lose the measly 1Gb space for your Docs but gain the 7Gb for your Drive. Oh, but probably the greatest good news from this announcement from Google is that Gmail now has 10Gb space! Yahoo! For corporations signed-up for Google Apps, collaboration is possible within your organization and with clients and anyone from the outside as you wish. Sign-up for Google Drive at

P.S. Apparently, as of today, I still cannot sign-up for Google Drive just yet. What's up with that, Google? That's really stupid! They've also not yet released an app for iPhone and iPad. Which is under$tandable. Hey, let's give the Android Fanbois something to brag about, right? Like that Google Wallet thing, and like how the next version of Android, Jelly Bean, is already rumored to come out just when its current version, Ice Cream Sandwich, is just now being rolled out to more people robots since it was announced last October. Am I too biased? Of course not. I know that Siri is still on Beta. But you know, it's on every iPhone 4S since October as announced back then.

P.P.S. By the way, my Dropbox now has 7Gb space. All for FREE. You do that by spreading the word, and you and your referral friend get a quarter of a Gb free. So sign-up now, using this link:

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