Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I ♥  and other cool ASCII symbols

You know how in Facebook we just type <3 and out comes a ♥? Of course, you can always just copy and paste, but to type that character directly, this article tells you how and it's basically different from system to system (i.e. Windows, Mac, or Linux, or via HTML): http://j.gs/r2M.

That same website (http://j.gs/r2N) has a ton of other resources for you to make your ASCII artwork, or simply to add some more flavor to your Facebook or Twitter posts, and other similar communication channels. As to the  symbol, just press Option+Shift+K on a Mac, or type 
inside your HTML code, from the ampersand (&) to the semi-colon (;) without spaces. For the clover leaf command button thingy (), type
inside your HTML code. Found those out from http://j.gs/r2R.

Update: I was corrected by a friend who says those symbols specifically are not actually ASCII, but rather Unicode.

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