Monday, April 23, 2012

New rTV documentary channels!

I earlier announced the launch of rTV, our very own "virtual TV set," TV-on-the-web service. It already had 39 channels back then, including "original" programming on the [R] Originals, RAW TV, and R2 channels. From today, we are starting to launch new full-length movie channels, ala HBO. The first three movie channels being launched feature full-length documentaries: the MovieTube Documentaries, MovieTube Hope & Nature, and the MovieTube Unforgotten channels.

"MovieTube" is so named because these are (free) movies hosted on YouTube. For now we started with documentaries, but we will be having Romance & Comedy, Action-Mystery-Suspense-Horror, Kids, Classics & Drama, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy channels as well.

The MT Documentaries is the main documentaries channel, while the Hope & Nature channel features documentaries related to inspirational stories, religion, and nature. The Unforgotten channel features documentaries related to war, including a few martial arts-related documentary films.  The main Documentaries channel includes 88 films spanning over 98 hours (more than 4 days). The Hope & Nature channel has 60 videos spanning over almost 69 hours (almost 3 days). The Unforgotten channel hosts 61 videos spanning 62 hours (more than 2.5 days).

Many of the documentaries are by PBS, an American broadcast network that creates original documentaries and educational content, and we thought, why not include a PBS channel on rTV as well. So we did.

Have fun watching TV!

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