Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IKEA will soon launch their own digital camera.

A digital disposable camera, that is. It's called "KNÄPPA," made of cardboard, and powered by two AAA batteries which you can buy from IKEA as well (because everyone now has their own battery brand).  It can hold up to around 40 photos, and you can transfer those photos to your computer using the built-in USB plug. Neat. And according to The 404 Podcast which I regularly listen to, and as you yourself might digest from the video below, the camera has a "manual zoom" function, while together with one of this type of IKEA product you can access the image stabilization function. They encourage you to use it to take photos of IKEA furniture in your home and share on their website. Check out an article about it with lots of nice photos at this link, which also features the very well made video shown below. By now, this should be on sale already in IKEA stores worldwide. As of the time of composition of this post (3 weeks earlier), there is no pricing information yet.

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