Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Check out rTV version 2.0: our TV-on-the-internet project

I previously linked to rTV, our TV-on-the-internet project. That link still works, and that site is still being updated. It basically features a back-in-time design with that TV in a wooden cabinet background.

Today, we are launching rTV2 which has a more modern design, and this time a (Wikipedia) search box on the right so that you can look up stuff while watching your favorite rTV shows. I thought this is cool because, for me while I'm watching tech news and commentary shows, they'd often talk about something or someone I don't know anything about. So I have to pause the video (or switch away from it and just keep listening to the audio) to make a search in another window and what not. So now, you can make searches as you watch.

Together with this rTV2 launch, we are announcing that we now have a total of over 50 channels available for viewing. That includes new channels like Red Bull TV which features extreme sports shows, TEDx Talks, and Flippish which is like a Filipino teen/tween live talk show. Over time, we'll continue adding channels to make rTV truly as the one-stop-shop for TV on the internet.

Additionally in rTV2, the channels have been refreshed to ensure that the proper video feeds are showing. And, the channels each get their own "Channel Number", although you can just simply navigate using the Next and Previous Channel buttons. Or check out the Categories.

Check out rTV2 today at! And don't forget to check out the RAW TV and R2 channels, which feature all the videos we have showcased and soon to be showcased on RAW (this blog).

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