Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awesome Hand-Picked Videos

Hey, guess what. It's competition. But it's cool. Check out It's really cool. I might just pick some videos from there as well. :D  Actually since and RAW are being run by two different people, it's two different things altogether. Two different tastes. So some of you will like one and not the other. Sure, there will be some intersections. But the thing is, it's like two news channels. One will have a different view of the world from the other. For some of you, you might want to check out both. My one gripe though about, after playing around with it for a few minutes, is that there's no automatic play all button. So that you can just sit back and relax and watch all those interesting videos. Unlike what Vimeo Couch Mode offers. Or what we have at RAW TV and R2. But unlike RAW, they have some site customization options. They have channels, but hey, that's what rTV is for.

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