Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bye-bye, productivity. Hello, unlimited LEGOs on Google Chrome.

A model of Trafalgar Square, London in Legoland Windsor.
Image from Wikipedia.
Well, not really unlimited. Just 8 trillion LEGO blocks. Check out Build with Chrome, accessible to the whole world but now featuring only Australia, you can build with LEGO anywhere on the map. Really cool. You can also view other people's LEGO creations in full 3D. I (heart) LEGO.

By the way, you need to use the Google Chrome browser for this. If you're not using Google Chrome yet, download and install it nowFound out about "Build with Chrome" from this article on The Next Web where they and their readers have first said that productivity really dives down when you start playing around with this. Consider yourself warned. :D

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