Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Live Your Structural Engineering Dreams with Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor is an app for iOS and Android devices. There is a free version that is limited to only 6 levels, and a $0.99 version that has around 100 levels, maybe? Found out about this on ReadWriteWeb.

Reminds me though about this free Windows app that we used to play around with, ca. 2002 or 2003, called the "West Point Bridge Designer." Apparently, there is also now a Mac version (that's also free). You can download the software and have some structural engineering fun at this link.

If you think "physics puzzler" games like Angry Birds, Where's My Water, and Amazing Alex are fun, you'll find this kind of game quite fun as well as it is basically a physics-based game as well. Well actually, WPBD is more like a learning tool, but you can gamify it (i.e. compete with your friends to design the most efficient bridge systems) just as the Bridge Constructor app has done for mobile devices.

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