Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The future of infographics, the "Green" Brooklyn Bowl, and new pinspotters

Have you heard of infographics? They're graphic with info. Duh. But seriously, there are good and bad infographics out there. But now, with all these technologies available, why not make smart, interactive infographics? Well, here's one.

Check out this infographic on The First 3 Years of Brooklyn Bowl. Brooklyn Bowl is a bowling alley (read: bar and restaurant with bowling lanes) that also features a space for events like mini-concerts, dancing, talks, and so on. It is of course found in New York. But it's such a big hit that big names like Bill Clinton and Kanye West, have been there, for performances and what not.

Also, Brooklyn Bowl is like the first ever LEED-certified bowling alley (i.e. it is a "green" building, with 100% wind-powered electricity, etc.). To achieve that, they use a new kind of pinspotter technology. A pinspotter is that mechanical contraption at the end of the bowling lane that puts the pins in position for you to put out of position again. The new type of pinspotter that BB is using uses cables, which requires 75% less energy than traditional pinspotters. The cables change the game of bowling a bit, but they say it's just as fun. I guess that's all that's important. Check out these videos on this new type of pinspotter technology:

This one I think is not at Brooklyn Bowl, but it shows you a bit more on what happens:

Learned about all this from an article on The Next Web.

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