Friday, August 3, 2012

Share your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod Touch home screens to the world

My iPhone homescreen
about half a year ago.
I previously talked about this tumblr blog called "Swipe The Linen," which features people's iOS homescreens. It's basically become a curated blog now; only "special" people's homescreens get featured. But now, this 2-year-old web app called has gone out of beta to help the braggart in all of us feature our iOS homescreens to the world. No curators/editors. No rejections. They do have a "featured" list, where the site owners feature 5 interesting homescreens (whether because they are interesting themselves or the owners are "interesting"). And they also have a "popular" list, which features the 5 most-viewed homescreens. At the top of that list is obviously the owner of And they also have a "new" list where the newest uploads get featured. Plus, your homescreens will have a unique URL like Check out their web app today. Unfortunately, they do not yet have an iOS app per se. I first found out about this on Cult of Mac.

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