Sunday, August 5, 2012

View the news in full technicolor

Check out, the latest top news at a glance. In full technicolor. No, seriously. There are 6 categories, each assigned a certain color, and each article title is displayed in a certain shade of that category's color. It's quite nice to look at. Has a certain Windows Metro feel-goodiness to it. And it's quite useful, too, most specially for all you news buffs. By default, the site features US-centric news, but there are 13 other countries you can choose to display relevant news for. Hopefully though they introduce more countries soon. And maybe a native app for mobile devices. But the website itself is already great to look at on a mobile device. Lastly, you can also filter by category. There are other services similar to this though, but the ones I know are browser extensions, and for not-so-tech-savvy people (i.e. most people), it's a few extra steps to get that similar feel so this is probably the best one out there, in terms of all the news in one colorful layout.

I found out about this thru, where they refer to the colorfulness as "trucolor."

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