Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buzzer beater or not?

I personally think it is a buzzer beater. It is a very close call, and to me, I'd let the referees during the game decide, not the Board of Trustees or whatever of the basketball organization. Some stupid people though think there is a travelling violation. It is not. But I'm quite sure inexperienced (or compromised/biased) referees would call this a travel. I think the only "wrong" here was that the guy with the ball didn't just pass it to his teammate who was already under the basket. But who knows. He had to make that decision in 1 second. Crunch time! If his teammate didn't shoot it in time as well, losers would call him a loser, too, "You should have taken it to the hoop by yourself!" So yeah, everything to me was just right - part of the game of basketball - except the decision of the Board of Trustees to call this a non-buzzer-beater and to forfeit the whole game and requiring a rematch. If I were on the losing squad, I'd just find another league where it's elements of basketball that determine the ultimate outcome of the game, not these Barong- or necktie-clad types who only want to protect their interests. But well, the best competition (in the realm of basketball; i.e. teams and players) is in this league, so... sucks for them. Too bad. This is a bad blow for basketball. But well, the ball is round. Life moves on.

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