Monday, August 13, 2012

Play with some computer science magic online

From the website's about page:
Worldwide visitors both online and offline will be able to play live music together, launch data into cyberspace and trace where images on the web actually live, see how robots can see people, and get teleported to unexpected places all over the world.
Yep, it's a huge Google Chrome advertisement. :D But it's really cool, the "ad" and the browser. :D Check it all out at Best experienced with the Google Chrome browser - you might need to install the Web Lab extension first. It's all happening live from the London Science Museum.

For you geeks (or wanna-be-a-geek-when-you-grow-up types) out there, check out the computer science behind the 5 "Web Lab" experiments:

Warning: For you not so comfortable with the British accent, that's what the narrator in the videos speaks in. But it's not as bad as in the movies.

Also, the videos are essentially like a very basic introduction to computer science. To hopefully get the kids in all of us non-computer-science majors excited.

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